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Got one to sell?

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Sony PlayStation 2 Consoles

To date, the PlayStation 2 is the highest selling console with over 155 million sold worldwide. With nearly 4000 titles developed, the PlayStation 2 boasts the largest collection of games made for any one console. These include PlayStation exclusives, cult classics and many series that first started on the PlayStation 2, such as Grand Theft Auto, Ratchet & Clank, Kingdom Hearts, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus and many more.

Like its predecessor, the PlayStation 2 uses memory cards to store saved game data, which have a capacity of 8MB. It is possible to purchase memory cards that are not Sony manufactured that have more storage space than the standard 8MB.

The later Slimline PlayStation 2 range is smaller and lighter than the original console. The PlayStation 2 is also available in several different colours, as well as some limited edition ones. The standard colour is matte black, but Sony ventured into creating many varied designs such as metallic silver, super red, transparent blue, light yellow and many more.

The DualShock 2 controller is very similar to the previous DualShock analogue controller with a few differences to distinguish them. Like with the console itself, the DualShock 2 controllers were made in various colours to make it possible for players to customise their gaming system. Both the original PlayStation and PlayStation 3 can be used with the DualShock 2 controller.

Several accessories were released for the PlayStation 2, such as the EyeToy, a motion detecting camera. The EyeToy allowed players to interact with games through gestures and sound through its built-in microphone. The EyeToy can be used with games specifically created for its use, or to enhance the gameplay of already existing games for the PlayStation 2.

Additionally, a DVD remote control was developed for the PlayStation 2 to make watching films easier on the console. A USB keyboard, mouse and headset could also be used in conjunction with the console for online play using a PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor.

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