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Sony TV Screens and Restoring Them When Necessary

If your Sony TV screen is damaged, your first impulse might be to purchase an entirely new TV set, and in many cases, you may need to. However, with a little effort, you may be able to restore your damaged TV to its former condition. You can find replacement parts for many brands, ranging from Sony TV screens to Samsung LCD displays.

How do you deal with a damaged screen?

Before you select any replacement parts, take a look at your TV and survey the damage. There are many TV components that can cause screen malfunction. Many flat screen TVs have glass panels that cover the Plasma, LED, or LCD component. If this surface is cracked or damaged, repairing may require nothing more than a new glass panel. If the underlying Plasma, LED, or LCD screen is damaged, the repair may be more extensive.

If the screen doesn't look damaged but the picture quality is distorted, spotty, or fuzzy, one of the television's internal components may have failed. In this case, you may need a replacement controller board, inverter, signal input, or IR sensors.

How do you choose a replacement screen for your television?

When choosing a new part, consider the following:

  • Size: Take exact measurements of all parts that need replacing. Make sure all new components are the same size as the original ones.
  • Brand: For best results, purchase new parts specifically designed for your TV's make and model. If you have a Sony Bravia, for example, look for screens designed for this TV.
Will you need additional parts to fix a damaged screen?

If the damage is limited to the screen, you may need one or both of the following components:

  • Bezel: The bezel is the thin panel that sits atop the Plasma, LED, or LCD screen.
  • Panel: This component, which may also be referred to as the screen, is the TV's core imaging technology.

When repairing a damaged TV, you may also need additional components, such as the following:

  • Brackets and Molds: If the TV was damaged by external trauma, the parts that secure the screen's position may have been damaged. Depending on the TV, you may need brackets, plastic molds, or plastic covers.
  • Light Sensor: If the TV's picture quality is too dark, the problem may be caused by the light sensor, which is responsible for brightness adjustments.
  • Power Board: This component supplies the power needed to light the source cell.
  • Backlight Engine: The backlight engine impacts the TV's contrast ratio. If your TV's image display has been looking muddy, this engine may be to blame.