How to Pick the Right Sparkly iPhone 5 Case

Picking the right sparkly iPhone 5 case can be a dilemma faced by fashion-forward people. Beyond providing an eye-catching conversation piece, a mobile phone case can protect your mobile from the damage that comes from drops and spills. When choosing a sparkly iPhone 5 case on eBay, keep in mind that you want to choose one that not only looks good but keeps your device safe as well.

Which pink iPhone 5 cases are good for children?

Children and teens use their mobiles all the time, probably more so than adults. This means that there are probably hundreds of opportunities throughout the day for them to drop their devices. While a sparkly pink case can be absolutely adorable, it's more important that you choose a case that can handle multiple drops. Focus on pink cases that are sturdy as well as cute.

What types of protective features should you be looking into?

Try and choose a case that will protect your mobile from impact. One of the first things to go when a mobile is dropped is the device's screen, especially if the impact point is at the corner of the phone. Choose cases that are constructed from shock-absorbent materials like rubber that wraps around and covers the corners since they're heavier and absorb shock easily.

Do you need to get a separate screen protector?

Many people find that simply getting a strong and sturdy case is enough. If you only handle your mobile occasionally, that level of protection is probably fine. However, if you handle your mobile frequently, you can benefit from a screen protector. The good ones protect the screen from scratches and nicks, and they're virtually undetectable from the original screen. If you handle your mobile all the time, a screen protector probably makes sense.

What types of sparkly cases are there?

There are several types of sparkly cases available on eBay. They include the following:

  • Images of sparkles - Some sparkly cases have images of sparkles printed onto them. They come in a wide range of colours and designs.
  • Actual sparkles - Case options exist that have actual sparkles affixed to the body of the case, creating a rough, bumpy texture. This is an ideal option for people looking for a more tactile feel.
  • Designer sparkles - Certain famous designers have created sparkly phone cases that go hand in hand with their design aesthetic, perfect for fashion-conscious folks.
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