Get the Most out of your Sound System by Connecting your Amplifier to your Speakers with Banana Plugs

Bare speaker wire tends to become frayed over time and this can adversely affect sound quality with unwanted buzz and hiss. When you cover the ends of your speaker wire with banana plugs, you create a far superior connection that results in cleaner sound. There are plenty of different banana plug types and here on eBay, there is a wealth of speaker banana plugs to choose from.

Are banana plugs easy to connect?

Yes, speaker banana plugs are super easy to set up, and no special tools or soldering iron are required. Some are more complex than others, but the basic method of setting the wire in the plug is the same: Simply use a box cutter to cut the speaker wire to the exact length you want, and then open up the sheath at the end to expose the bare wire.

You then simply insert the wire into the 4mm receptacle, and then screw or clamp the other part of the plug into place (the majority of banana plugs have two main parts).

What different types of banana plugs are available on eBay?

There are dozens of different options to choose from. The various banana plugs for speakers also come in varying quantities, from a single pair of plugs to sets of five pairs and there are even sets of 100 pairs of plugs for audio professionals who regularly cut cables and rig speakers. The cost of each the banana plug varies depending on the complexity of the locking mechanism and the materials used, with the most common being:

  • Nickle-plated copper.
  • Gold-plated brass.
  • Plastic (for the housing of the plug).

The best speaker banana plugs are those that use gold-plated brass, as these ensure the clearest signal transfer. Nonetheless, the clarity of the signal is also influenced by the length of the cable, so for shorter cables, the nickel-plated options still get the job done.

Do banana plugs work with all types of speakers?

Most high-end speakers are compatible with banana plugs. Many low-end speakers use spring clips, which are not compatible with banana plugs. There are also speakers with RCA jacks that are not compatible, but it is possible to use an adaptor to make banana plugs compatible with RCA.