Match Your Speaker Stands and Your Party with Cool Speaker Stand Covers

When Deejaying at personalised events, such as weddings, in-house parties, and anniversaries you'll notice that some people do not like to visible speaker stands and cables. It is worth looking at some of the speaker stand covers offered on eBay to give your next event a professional look.

Do you really need speaker stand covers?

As a DJ, you probably do not have a problem with the sight of cables or speaker stands. However, event planners often do not feel the same way and like to have perfect decor, right down to fine details. Unless a client tells you they don't mind seeing speaker stands and cables, you should always cover your speaker stands.

Do you have to cover the entire stand?

The number of sides that you cover depends on the position of the stand and the demands of the event planners. Fortunately, the speaker stand covers on eBay come in different styles. You can buy single-sided, double-sided, and triple-sided covers.

What are the benefits of using scrim?

Scrim is a unique loose-weave fabric that is commonly used for curtains in theatres. It has become a popular alternative cover for speaker stands because of its unique features such as:

  • Durability: Scrim is a wrinkle-resistant fabric, which shows minimal wear and tear.
  • Cleaning: The fabric is machine washable and stain resistant, making it easy to keep clean.
  • Lighting effects: You can use scrim to provide additional lighting effects on the stage. You can also illuminate the speaker covers with backlights to match the colour themes of the party.
Is it possible to overuse scrim?

Yes. Like any good thing, scrim is best used in moderation. One common mistake is to use only one colour, black or white, for all the stands. It is necessary, therefore, that you have a collection of scrims in different colours. You can always ask the couple or event coordinators for their input when choosing covers to use.

Why choose lycra or spandex for your speaker stand cover material?

Most speaker stand covers are made of lycra because it is one of the most stretchy fabrics on the market. The synthetic fibre is often combined with wool, cotton, and nylon to enhance its elastic properties. Spandex is also durable, easy to clean, and can be used for additional lighting effects.