Getting the Right Sound - Why Speaker Stands Count

You might think that a speaker stand is used merely to raise a speaker cabinet off the floor, but the fact of the matter is that it does this in order to improve the audio that you hear from a speaker. In some cases, speaker stands are used for conventional HiFi speakers and home cinema systems but, in other situations, they might be purchased for a set of professional audio PA speakers, such as those used for a disco or a live band. Thankfully, there is a wide selection of every kind of speaker stand you could imagine for sale on eBay to suit everyone. 

What sort of speaker stands do you need? 

The type of speaker stand that you need is determined by the speaker you want to mount on it. Those which will be used for a mobile disco, for example, will need to offer a great deal of durability and resistance to knocks. On the other hand, you might just want small speaker stands for your home stereo system. The main types to look for are:  

  • Bookshelf speaker stands: The smallest type.
  • Top hat speaker stands: Commonly used for mounting PA cabinets on.
  • Home theatre speaker stands: Often sold in sets.
  • Floor speaker stands: Used to improve audio quality.

How do speaker stands make a system sound better? 

Because a speaker stand means raising the cabinet that a speaker sits in off the ground, less rumble and low-frequency disturbances are felt by the speakers driver as it moves back and forth, thereby improving the speakers operation. Furthermore, raised speakers transmit less of their bass sound into the ground which means a speaker with a stand creates a better quality of lower frequency sounds. In addition, many products - even small speaker stands - come with rubberised feet which helps to isolate them sonically. 

Can you set up PA speakers without stands? 

Yes, the simple answer is that you can certainly place PA cabinets on the floor and let them do their work from that position. The trouble is that both live bands and DJs find that their sound becomes muffled as it bounces into and around their audience members. By raising PA speakers onto stands, you can get the drivers within them at ear level with audiences which results in a superior quality of audio for all concerned.