Remember Historic Speedway Moments With Speedway Memorabilia

Collecting speedway memorabilia reflects your connection to this motorbiking sport. They help you remember the remarkable memories long after they have passed. eBay has a range of speedway memorabilia for speedway fans.

Why is speedway memorabilia a rarity?

Pieces of memorabilia are valuable to motorcycle speedway fans because these items are difficult to find, especially in good condition. These items are also valuable because of their historical significance.

How to take care of your speedway memorabilia

After buying your speedway memorabilia, it's important that you frame it to enhance its appearance. Framing your memorabilia will also protect it from loss, wear and tear, and discolouration due to dust. In turn, your memorabilia will retain its value and may even increase its worth over time. Keep your speedway memorabilia high and dry. Moisture speeds up decay and can destroy the value of your memorabilia.

Can you decorate your home with speedway memorabilia?

Yes. There is room for speedway enthusiasts in the interior design world. You can design your room to make it look stylish and sophisticated. Choose items that are easy to mount. Speedway memorabilia items that are flush to your wall will seamlessly integrate the speedway team you love into a wall design. Add visual interest with various shapes. Having a wall with seven posters is not as appealing as a wall that has a speedway programme, photos of riders, and speedway badges. Ultimately, for a cohesive look, choose colours in each item that will complement one another and the rest of your room.

Speedway memorabilia available on eBay

There are various speedway memorabilia items available for speedway enthusiasts who would like to own a piece of motorcycle speedway history. They include:

  • The Speedway Grand Prix Final 5th October 2019 programme: The official programme for the 25th season of the series Speedway Grand Prix. It decided the 74th FIM World Championship of Speedway. The 24-year-old Polish speedway rider Bartosz Zmarzlik, who is the current world champion, won the title by beating the Danish speedway rider Leon Madsen by two points.
  • 28th July 1988 Sheffield v Kings Lynn Stars programme: The British League season for that year was the top tier of motorcycle speedway in the United Kingdom since 1965.
  • Poole Pirates Gold motorcycle speedway badge 2004: Poole Pirates were the winners of the Elite League Knockout Cup held in 2004.
  • Billy Sven Forsberg photograph: A photograph of the Swedish speedway rider Forsberg that was taken in 2008. He represented Belle Vue Aces in the Elite League before retiring in 2009 due to an injury.