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Getting the Right T Bar and Other Lighting Equipment for Your DJ Lighting Setup

Lighting can make or break the dance party experience. People go clubbing in order to relax, and lighting has a huge effect on how well they're able to do so. DJs know this and work hard to ensure that their lighting setup reflects the mood of the party. The right lighting equipment makes it possible to create the right lighting setup, so check out the tips below on how to make that happen; many affordable options are available on eBay.

How useful is a lighting T bar?

A lighting T bar is an absolutely critical part of a DJ's lighting setup. The T bar is perfect for holding critical lighting like PAR lights and any other lights that the DJ wants to use to create the perfect visual effects. The DJ simply needs to choose a T bar that's easy to put up, take down, and transport, so that it's always ready to go for the next event.

What lighting types can be hung from a T bar?

There are several different types of lighting that DJs could consider when creating their lighting equipment setup with T bars.

  • Spotlights: These lights are static and remain fixed on a particular person or spot in the room,
  • Followspots: These are essentially spotlights that highlight and follow a performer as he moves across the stage.
  • Strobe lights: These flashing lights have a programmed flash that flashes continuously or every few seconds, energizing the room.
  • Black lights: These lights make light coloured objects appear very bright in the dark, a fun effect in a darkened club.
Should a DJ use a truss or a T bar?

A truss can be an incredibly important part of DJ lighting setup. Trusses are large metal structures that make it easy for DJs to hang complicated lighting setups. Trusses are cumbersome and take a lot of effort to put up and take down, making them more ideal for DJs with permanent or semi-permanent DJ setups vs more mobile DJs. T bars are better for DJs who are always on the move and need lighting that is easy to put up, take down, and transport.

How much can a T bar hold?

How much a T bar can hold depends on the materials it's constructed from and its size. Standard T bars hold can hold anywhere between 22 and 36 kilograms of weight evenly distributed. Check the weight and dimensions of the lights you're planning to hang to make sure that the T bar you choose can safely and easily accommodate them.

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