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Stagg Cymbals

Stagg cymbals are well-known by musicians worldwide and are commonly used as part of a standard drum kit.

The brand has become known for its high quality cymbals and attention to the way they are manufacturing to produce a range of different types of ‘crash’, in terms of pitch and tone.

Stagg’s range can be used as crash cymbals, hi-hats or rise cymbals.

Cymbals consist of either one or a pair of circular metal plates that can be played with drumsticks or by hand for a pair.

The cymbal can be used to keep the beat of a song or semi-regularly to have a bigger impact in a song. 

Types of Stagg Cymbal

Most drum kits will have several types of cymbals as part of their make-up, which all perform different functions.

Stagg has its own range of different cymbals that can be used to achieve different sounds for different music genres.

They have varying types of cymbals to suit different musicians’ needs, including:

  • SH Series Crash Cymbals - designed with thin plates with a smaller cone-shaped centre to get the impact of an echo-ey, louder or higher volume. A good quality, yet affordable option for starter drummers
  • DH Series Cymbals - ‘dual-hammered’ with a rising, thicker cone-shaped centre which is designed to create a bigger projection of sound
  • Furia Cymbals - a metallic outer with two-tones, which enables a lighter tone for a more naturalistic, gentle type of sound. These cymbals can be mounted on a stand and used a hi-hat, though other cymbals by Stagg can also be used for this purpose

Looking After Your Stagg Cymbals

  • Mounts need to be attached to cymbals using screws, ensuring they are fully tightened to withstand the strongest of bangs
  • To prevent discolouration and optimum smoothness, polish your cymbals regularly
  • Drums, their stands and the joins should be taken apart and kept stored safely in drum bags if not being used for a long time. If left to stand, they should be dusted and left at room temperature


  • Foot pedals can vary in size and tension and can be bought individually
  • For portability, choose a specialist bag with a strong handle. This will help to protect your cymbals from being indented or damaged in any way.
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