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The Final Touch for Your Staircase: Stair Posts

Nothing adds the finishing touch to your staircase like the proper newel post cap. You may be shopping on eBay for this item only, or you may be looking for an entire staircase kit. Either way, the cap you choose can add a bit of personality to your home.

Choosing the material for your Stair Posts

If you’re buying a staircase kit, it will include a newel cap that coordinates with the other components of the kit. If you’re buying a new or used cap by itself, the common materials include MDF, pine, oak, and chrome.

  • MDF newel post caps - Affordable newel caps are often made of MDF. You can find these caps in a variety of styles to suit your staircase.
  • Chrome newel post caps - Chrome is the next step up in price. While chrome isn’t used as commonly as wood for caps, it may work nicely with your style.
  • Pine newel post caps - You can find appealing pine post caps in a wide variety of styles and prices. Pine is solid wood, unlike MDF, but it isn’t as hard as oak, so it offers an in-between price point.
  • Oak newel post caps - Oak newel caps are considered by many to be top-of-the-line. Although you can find them at quite reasonable prices, you also might want to spend much more on an antique, carved oak cap.

Shape options for Stair Posts

Chrome caps are usually a simple ball shape. Wooden caps may be ball-shaped, but they’re also available in other standard designs on eBay.

Flat, square newel post caps may be quite simple or more complex. Many have carving around the edges to give them just a bit more interest. Acorn newel caps have a tall, oval, smoothly rounded top while the pine cone style has a carved oval shape.

Pre-owned chrome newel post caps on eBay will usually come ready to install. New newel post caps that are made of wood are usually unfinished. You may stain, varnish, or paint them to suit. If you’re looking for an antique or used newel cap for a restoration project, you might need to refinish it to match its new home.

Do you want something custom, just for you?

For that really special staircase in your home, the ultimate newel cap is one that’s custom-made or limited production. These may be hand-carved or hand-turned. Maple and oak are the most common woods used for these luxury newel caps.

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