Stairlifts & Home Lifts

Stairlifts & Home Lifts

To enable you to have maximum enjoyment and function from your home, stairlifts and home lifts can help to give you increased mobility throughout the home. For those with limited mobility, whether it is a temporary or long-term issue, a stairlift can allow to you move more comfortably and easily throughout every floor of your home.

Benefits of Stairlifts and Home Lifts

Installing a stairlift or home lift can help you to stay in your own home for longer, giving you more mobility and freedom, without restriction. One of the most significant advantages of lifts around the home is the increased independence it can give, ensuring a greater self-confidence for looking after yourself but also offering peace of mind to your loved ones.

Stairlifts are designed to keep you safe throughout use, so instead of climbing the stairs and risking a fall, you can glide up and down the stairs with ease and have comfort in the security and safety features a stairlift or home lift offers.

Types of Stairlifts and Home Lifts

There are many different types of lifts to aid mobility around the home. One of the most popular is a battery stairlift or an electric stairlift, which can be fitted on both a straight or curved staircase. Mounted onto the mechanism is usually a chair, armrests and a footplate which can be folded up when not use, so the stairwell isnt blocked. For safety, a seatbelt may be provided, however, the stairlifts are usually speed restricted for your comfort.

A wheelchair lift is another form of home lift which works as a powered platform. The platform is set to your level so that you can place your wheelchair on the loading plate. Once the brakes on the wheelchair are applied, the platform raises or lowers to overcome an issue of a step which is useful both within the house and at the entrance of the home.

For just a few steps, for example between two landings, an incline platform lift may be used which can accommodate both a seat or wheelchair.