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Standalone Shower Cubicles

Standalone shower cubicles are the popular choice when decorating your bathroom. They offer quick and efficient installations without causing a mess or fuss. Shower cubicles cause minimum disruption to the surrounding area as the homeowner does not need to think about retiling the floor.

Shower pods are easily movable, enabling flexibility and adaptability depending on changing circumstances. It is a simple procedure to uninstall and reinstall a standalone cubicle if moving from one house to another.

Freestanding shower pods are a stylish, modern and a straightforward alternative. They are also easy to clean, which means they are low-maintenance products.

When buying a standalone shower cubicle, it is worth considering the shape, features you would like to have and who it is catered for.

Shop by Features

There are three main features available: tempered glass, thermostatic control and sauna.

Tempered glass is four times stronger than annealed glass. It is both thicker and more stable, which makes moving it a less stressful experience. This feature is useful when buying a shower cubicle as there the fear of breakage is reduced. If this glass does break, it does so in small and usually harmless pieces.

Thermostatic controlled showers have a valve that makes it easy to control the balance between hot and cold temperatures. It helps regulate a constant water temperature.

Standalone saunas are small rooms that generate heat through wood burning or an electric heater. Saunas cause you to deep sweat, which enables you to flush out toxins.

Additional features you may need to consider is whether to get an open-sided cubicle as well as a ramp, for those who need aid carers


The shapes available on eBay are rectangle, square, quadrant, and offset quadrant. In addition to this, there are walk-in showers. Walk-in showers are especially useful for those who need aid carers.

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