Dial Up the Pressure with a Stirrup Pump

The trusty and versatile stirrup pump is a timeless gadget that we all know from our childhood bicycling days. This simple device is great for inflating bicycle tyres, air-bed mattresses, and air guns. You can find a large selection of both new and used airguns from eBay.

Is a stirrup pump easy to use?

Yes, the pumps are quite easy to use. The pump is normally equipped with an air hose that can be attached to the inflation valve of the device that requires air, once the hose has been connected the user simply needs to "pump" the piston in order to inflate the device. Stirrup pumps are also very reliable and, in most cases, will work for many years without requiring any maintenance.

What are the typical applications for a stirrup pump?

Stirrup pumps have a variety of applications but are most commonly used to pump tyres. The pump is commonly used by cyclists to keep their bike tyres inflated without the need for an expensive electric air compressor. Some pumps can also be used to inflate leisure items like airbeds, water flotation devices, and water sports accessories. A high-pressure pump can be used to pressure certain types of airguns so that they can be used.

What should be kept in mind when choosing a stirrup pump?

There is a wide variety of stirrup pumps to choose from, which can make finding the right model for you a daunting task. You can make the choice a whole lot easier by keeping a few things in mind, look for the following when choosing your new pump:

  • Application: Deciding what the pump will be used for should be your starting point. If you need a pump for an airgun, you may need to opt for a high-pressure pump. However, if you are looking for a pump for your pool toys, it is not necessary to have a high-pressure version.
  • Size: If you will be using the pump while travelling, opt for a compact model.
  • Fittings: Make sure that the pump you are interested in has the fittings and connectors which are compatible with your devices.
What is a stirrup pump?

A stirrup pump is a type of pump that uses a piston-like mechanism to pump liquids or gasses from one area to another. This pump design has been around for a long time and has been improved significantly since the first version was introduced. Modern pumps are capable of pressuring air to more than 300 bar, making them a handy tool for a variety of tasks.