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Stools and Breakfast Bars

Stools and breakfast bars are a popular added feature for many kitchens. They offer a more casual, relaxed way of dining in the home when compared to a typical table and chairs set .

Types of stools

When choosing a stool to go with a breakfast bar, the two main things to consider are the comfort and the appearance of the stools. A super stylish stool could be the best option for the kitchen, but will it be comfortable for long periods of time? If the breakfast bar is just somewhere for a quick sit down, a backless stool could be a good bet.

Low or high backed stools?

The backs of breakfast bar stools will either be low or high backed. Both have their advantages, but individual seating preferences will be the main factor in choosing which style to go with.

High backed stools will often provide more comfort if being used for extended periods of time, as they allow people to lean back as if they were in a chair. However, backless stools should still be a comfortable option as the seats will often be moulded to create pleasant sitting surfaces.

It is possible to buy folding stools for breakfast bars. These give the option of being put away when not in use creating more space in the kitchen.

Some stools will have fitted cushions or padded seating areas. Others will come with loose cushions that can be used as and when required.

Swivel versus fixed base breakfast bar stools

Most stools will have a rounded base, which means it is possible to turn in the seat. This style can add to the relaxed mood created by breakfast bar dining. It can also be a very comfortable way to sit.

Some breakfast bar stools have the standard four chair leg-style base. This option gives more stability but doesn't allow the movement of the swivel-based stools.

Materials for breakfast bar stools

Breakfast bar stools will generally be made from metal or plastic and some are even made from solid wood. Each material will have its own benefits and which one you choose will be down to your personal taste. Some people may prefer the natural look you get from wooden furniture, while others may appreciate the lightweight convenience of plastic stools.

Types of breakfast bars

Breakfast bars will either be freestanding or fitted to a wall. The option to choose will depend on the amount of space available in the kitchen. Free standing breakfast bars offer the convenience of being portable, so you can change the appearance of your kitchen as many times as you like without having to decorate.

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