Strimmer Parts & Accessories

If well maintained and stored correctly, garden strimmerscan last for a good number of years. However, there will be occasions when you will need spare strimmer parts or accessories.

Parts may run out, or accessories might be required for certain types of jobs in the garden, as well as for safety reasons. 

What strimmer parts and accessories are available?

Strimmer line

The main part of a strimmer you will need to replace is the line. Each strimmer comes with line spools, but over time, these will run out.

  • Use the strimmer’s instructions to find out which diameter and shape of line required
  • The type of line needed will depend on the gardening task
  • Different thicknesses of grass or brambles may benefit from a different types of line 

Safety equipment

Other strimmer parts and accessories include safety equipment, such as:

  • Harnesses - For jobs that take a while to complete, the harnesscan provide comfort and help with control of the strimmer. Harnesses will come in single or double shoulder fits. A double harness may be best for heavier equipment
  • Face masks, visors, safety glasses, hand guards and gloves – These are needed to protect against sharp objects during the cutting process
  • Ear defenders – For more powerful strimmers, it may be advisable to wear some form of ear protection

Strimmer attachments 

Attachments are used for particular types of gardening jobs and can be added to some garden strimmers. These include:

  • Leaf blowers 
  • Pruners 
  • Extension shafts and poles
  • Brushcutters
  • Mini-cultivators
  • Line trimmers and edgers

Maintenance and care of strimmer accessories and parts

How parts and accessories are maintained will depend on the type. Items with working parts should be stored in a dry place and oiled or lubricated as required. Check the manufacturer's’ instructions for details on how to prolong the life of these parts.

For safety equipment, checks should be made on a regular basis so that the items are still safe to use and perform as required.