Dress Smartly for Learning in a Striped School Tie

Most schools now require their students to wear a uniform, and many schools include a striped school tie in appropriate colours as part of this. Such a tie can look extremely smart and businesslike if chosen carefully, and the wide range of standard, clip-on, and elasticated school ties on eBay will help you find one that looks just right. Here's how to find a tie that your child will be proud to wear.

How can you ensure a tie conforms to school rules?

Some schools have detailed rules about tie colours, so it's a good idea to check with your child's school before starting to browse the listings on eBay. For example, a red and gold striped tie may only be acceptable with a certain shade of red or with narrow stripes rather than wide. Look carefully at the photos accompanying listings to check that they're exactly what you want. The majority of school ties are made from polyester, which is machine washable and easy to take care of. A few establishments, especially public schools, may require silk ties, so check with your child's school first.

What styles of ties can you choose between?

Although most school uniform ties are designed to look similar, especially from a distance, there are still some variations - so not every striped school tie will be quite the same. Styles include:

  • Conventional: This is the classic design of tie that you tie around your neck with a standard knot. Young children may need some help or supervision to get this right.
  • Elasticated: These ties come pre-tied and are held around the shirt collar with a discreet piece of elastic. They can be an easy option, though care should be taken that the elastic is not overly tight.
  • Clip-on: Another way to avoid needing to tie a conventional knot, these ties simply clip on to a school shirt at the throat. This also makes them very easy to remove when changing for PE.
How can you find the right sized tie?

With so many inexpensive ties available on eBay, it's easy to find a striped school tie in the right shades - but it's still important that it fits well. Make sure you buy a tie that's designed for children rather than adults unless, of course, you're looking for something for a fancy dress party. Tie measurements are usually given in inches: a tie that's 14 inches long and 2.5 inches wide will generally look right for a child of junior school age. Sizes can vary slightly depending on the brand, so see the manufacturer's site for details.