Suhr guitars and accessories

Starting with the owner, John Suhr, building his own instruments, Suhr guitars are hand-built and give off a rich tone. Made with every step of the musical process in mind, these guitars are made with high-quality materials in simple colours alongside more striking designs. You're sure to find the perfect Suhr electric guitar here on eBay, for beginners and professionals alike. 

Scott Henderson Signature Series

Made in collaboration with the jazz and blues guitarist Scott Henderson, these electric guitars are an updated take on the Classic S series from Suhr. Made with a roasted maple neck and Indian rosewood fingerboard, this guitar feels great in-hand. The D-shape neck is perfect for both playing chord and solo lines and the jumbo nickel frets make sliding and string bending much easier. 

The classic body shape, in either fiesta orange or seafoam green, features a contoured heel where the body attaches to the neck for better fret access. The modified Fender bridge stays in tune for much longer whilst the custom steel block is stripped of all paint to make for a clearer sound. Each Suhr Henderson guitar has Scott's signature to the rear of the headstock. 

Suhr Modern

The contemporary shape of a Suhr Modern Pro, like the asymmetrical body and elegant neck, add comfort whilst playing. The maple neck with either a maple or Pau Ferro fingerboard feels soft in hand and meets the body at the sculpted heel, whilst the large frets are ideal for bending and sliding. 

The body is made from basswood and features a flame maple top for a balanced tone with a smooth edge. Only thin layers of finish are applied to the body for an unadulterated sound and look. Get this solid wood Suhr electric guitar in eye-catching designs like Bengal burst, chili pepper red and trans blue denim state.