Take to the Road in a Classic Sunbeam Car

With its long history and sporting heritage, Sunbeam is a great name in British motoring. There's a wide variety of Sunbeam classic cars available on eBay, and you can find the ideal Sunbeam car without breaking the bank by browsing the site's listings.

More compact Sunbeam classic cars

Even though the sporting models are renowned, you can also find smaller Sunbeam cars on eBay for affordable prices. The Sunbeam Imp Sport and Sunbeam Stiletto of the late 1960s and early 1970s are small saloons whose aluminium-cast engine blocks mean fewer problems with rust. An option for the collector is the Sunbeam Minx, a badge-engineered version of the Rootes Group's Hillman Minx that was only produced for the export market.

How do Sunbeam classic cars differ in heritage?

Some models of Sunbeam are especially sought after. The Sunbeam Alpine has a strong reputation as a driver's car, as does the slightly earlier Sunbeam Tiger. The later saloons are more likely to have been used as family cars, and if well looked after, they can still do a good job in that role. Cars from before the Second World War are more likely to have been used in sporting competition, such as hill climbs or rallying. You should always check that these models have a full service history and have been maintained by specialist garages.

Differences between generations of Sunbeam Rapier

The Sunbeam Rapier name was around for many years, and the original design went through five series. The Sunbeam Rapier Series III encompasses the Series IIIA, which has an identical appearance but a redesigned engine and a little more power. The Series IIIA also made a fresh-air heater standard for the first time. The Arrow styling that appeared in 1967 was a major revision and is often dubbed the Fastback. A more powerful version, the H120, has additional trim and a matt black radiator.

What should you check for on classic Sunbeam cars?

With even newer Sunbeams now several decades old, it's vital to take a careful look at all eBay listings, so make sure you check all the details and photos provided. You can check for:

  • Body panels: Especially important for Sunbeam Alpines, these should open and close flush even when the car's jacked up.
  • Sills: Look at photos on eBay closely to make sure there's little or no rust visible, especially along door sills and pillars.
  • Engine: Sunbeam Tigers especially can often have modified engines, so read descriptions closely.
  • Convertibles: The Sunbeam Rapier Series II, III, and IIIA are the only versions available in this body style.