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Enhancing Your Tan with Sunbed Creams

Sunbed creams are part of the tanning experience, and whether you visit a tanning salon regularly or own a business, these products are a must-have. A good sunbed cream or lotion intensifies the tanning process by capturing the UV rays. eBay has an extensive variety of sunbed creams that meet a range of requirements.

Which are the available options with regard to tanning creams?

Tanning lotions are made for different applications, which you must consider when selecting one. Buyers have several options that include:

  • Tingle: A tingle sunbed cream is designed to boost the circulation of blood, which helps improve the production of melanin. They cause a tingling sensation, hence the name, and this varies from user to user. Tingle lotions are suitable for areas that are hard to tan, such as the legs.
  • Coolers: Cooling lotion is made for extended tanning periods. It leaves a cooling sensation on the skin, allowing you to relax. Cooling sunbed creams are suitable for people who feel uncomfortable under excessive heat.
  • Bronzers: This type of cream has additional ingredients that turn the colour of the skin almost immediately. The quantity of bronzer in a lotion differs from one product to the next. The amount of bronzer affects how dark the skin gets after tanning.
  • Accelerators: These lotions are designed to hydrate the skin, which increases the tanning effect. An accelerator is typically a moisturiser and conditioner that helps soften the skin. By keeping the skin moist, the cream allows for fast tanning to occur.
Does your tanning experience matter when buying a tanning cream?

Yes, you have to consider what type of tanner you are to get the correct sunbed cream. For instance, tingle sunbed lotions are not suitable for beginners. However, a novice tanner will make good use of an accelerator cream because it will help to achieve the right colour at a fraction of the time. A cooling sunbed cream is suitable for any user, both beginners and intermediate tanners. The same applies to bronzers.

Do you need sunbed creams for indoor tanning?

Indoor tanning is as effective with sunbed creams as outdoor tanning with creams. You can improve the complexion of the skin with the right products. However, it is worth noting that an indoor sunbed cream is made differently from the outdoor version. For one, most of them will not have SPF because the user is not exposed to direct sunlight. Indoor lotions are also made to maximise UV rays rather than block them.

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