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Sunroofs, convertibles & hardtops for BMW

Want to feel the wind blowing through your hair and brushing against your skin while driving down country roads? Or just want to make your commute to work a little more exciting? Then look no further than a sunroof, convertible or hardtop for your BMW. 

View the sky

Pick a casual sunroof for extra light in your car, adding a spacier effect, and the illusion of an open roof. Specially fitted for BMWs, you can seamlessly add on your new roof to your car, either to replace an old or broken roof or simply because you want to adjust the appearance and features of your vehicle. 

Add extra luxury to the interior of your car with a panoramic sunroof, adding much more light and spaciousness to your vehicle. See the night sky and the stars or watch the sunset as you go on evening drives with this double-sized built-in sunroof

Remove the hood

For something that really adds a high-end feel to your vehicle, try out a convertible roof for your BMW. Choose a soft top convertible roof that easily folds down, meaning youre able to enjoy those summer drives in comfort and style. Soft top convertible roofs are available to fit loads of different BMW models, so you can find the perfect match for your vehicle. 

You could also look out for a convertible hardtop roof for your BMW, perfect for keeping out the elements in the winter as well as folding away during the summer. Look out for convertible BMW hardtops to match the colour of your vehicle for a coherent look. 

Replace the roof

Youll also be able to find BMW hardtop roofs in this range, which are perfect if youre looking for BMW parts to replace broken or worn roofs. Browse options for a range of different colours and models to find the best fit for your car.