Improving Your Audio with Super Tweeters

Super tweeters push your frequency response up to 90kHz, creating a realistic sound that even enhances low tones. Are super tweeters worth it? If you value natural sound and heady bass, they are certainly worth considering. They appeal to ultrasonic perception, which makes them well-suited to television viewing, too.

Which features should you look for in a super tweeter?

Super tweeter reviews discuss everything from enclosures and drivers to magnets and shape. Every aspect of engineering matters. Bullet tweeters, for example, suit two-way speakers by enhancing high output and achieving subtle frequency response. If you’re shopping for a super tweeter for home use, your needs are somewhat different. Some super tweeters have a dome shape that is suitable for a large space like a living room.

  • High-end super tweeters should have at least 100 watts.
  • Aluminium and titanium enclosures produce clear sound and distribute it well.
  • Integrated high-pass crossovers enhance sound in compact tweeters.
  • A protective grill will keep your product in good condition without distorting sound.
Which super tweeter brands are worth your attention?

When it comes to highly-recommended super tweeters produced by HiFi brands, a few brands appear on review sites more often than others. Bullet, Rockford, and Pioneer have performed well in the audiophile press. Other mentionable models include:

  • Tannoy ST100 - A stand-alone single tweeter in a black ash enclosure that produces warm tones.
  • Townshend super tweeters - Great for those who love deep bass and piano.
  • JL Audio sells powerful super tweeters for your car, pushing power up to as much as 250 watts.
  • Panasonic sells bullet tweeters with peak power of 500 watts and 200 watts RMS.
What kind of super tweeters do you need for your car?

A car is a compact space that can be prone to distortion. Super tweeters for use in a car should enhance the best aspects of the space and overcome the challenges.

  • If you prefer refined sound, look for soft materials like silk and poly, which will smooth out the highs of your music.
  • Ceramics and graphite create a crisp sound.
  • Big-dome tweeters produce a more dispersed sound than semi-dome shapes.
  • Good tweeters should be rated at a minimum of 4-ohm.
  • Look for sensitivity ratings of 100dB or more.