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Superdry Men's Hoodies and Sweats

The iconic range of Superdry men's hoodies and sweats is characterised by a comfortable everyday look combined with cutting edge fashion trends. Created by designers Julian Dunkerton and James Dunker in 2003, Superdry's work ethic is to create impeccably tailored, durable garments from the finest cotton, whilst maintaining the sharp street wear image the brand has become synonymous with.

Superdry cotton men's hoodies and sweats are available in a variety of classic and modern styles, from raglan sleeve zippered hoodies , to vintage sweatshirt styles, all in a wide range of colours from muted tones to more in your face shades. Choose from plain knitwear to more complex designs or patterns. Some can even be season specific. The hoods come with a toggle to tighten about your head, perfect for those evening runs.

For those who prefer a bolder image, many Superdry graphic hoodies and sweats feature the signature Superdry logo, either embroidered directly onto the garment or emblazoned in high sheen metallic. Whilst some Superdry hoodies and sweats appear at the higher end of the price spectrum, many boast an affordability to suit most budgets.

Superdry provide a wide range of sizes for their range of hoodies, from small to the much larger sizes. Regardless of your body shape or size you'll find a hoodie that suits you and flatters your figure.

For a sportier look, the Trackster hoodie has a vintage style with added contemporary details. Or, for a more formal occasion, there's the Superdry cable jumper. Bought in muted tones this will add a classy edge to your wardrobe. Popularised by the likes of David Beckham, Ben Stiller, and Justin Beiber, Superdry has stayed ahead of the trend with its brand of classic Americana combined with Japanese catwalk chic.

Caring for your Superdry men's hoodies and sweats

Superdry hoodies and sweats are made from a fine cotton and polyester blend, and therefore should never need dry cleaning unless specified on the label. The majority of these garments are machine washable.