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Superfish Aquarium Lighting and Hoods

When first setting up a fish tank there are several different pieces of equipment you may consider purchasing. 

There are also added extras which are not strictly necessary for the health of your fish but make the tank look great.

Accessories such as Superfish aquarium lighting and hoods fall under the ‘must have’ category as they are essential to the proper running of your tank.

Why do you need an aquarium hood?

  • Prevents fish from jumping out of the tank
  • Prevents other pets, such as cats, from getting into the tank
  • Reduces the need for additional tank water top ups
  • A good quality and well-fitted hood will reduce evaporation, ensuring the humidity in the room is not altered 

What purpose do aquarium lights serve?

  • Aquarium lights are essential for aquariums with growing plants (enabling them to grow)
  • Lamps in an aquarium allow fish owners to see and enjoy the colours and the movement of their fish

Top Tips for Buying Aquarium Lights and Aquarium Hoods

  • Ensure that you choose the correct lamp colour, size and brightness for your aquarium
  • When purchasing aquarium lighting, consider the fish type that will live in your tank and what colour temperature/type of lighting those species prefer
  • Consider what plant life you wish to include in your tank and what lighting they require to thrive
  • Have spare replacement lamp bulbs ready in advance so that there is no delay between a light bulb going dark and it being replaced
  • Think about where your aquarium lighting will be placed in advance. Plants need light however some fish prefer lower lighting levels so incorporate shaded sections or lower level lighting where appropriate
  • When purchasing an aquarium hood please check the dimensions carefully in advance to ensure a proper fit
  • Make sure that when buying a new aquarium hood that you also check what lamp/lights they include and buy replacement bulbs accordingly
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