Make Events a Treat With Sweet Cone Bags

If you're planning a party or celebration, have you considered treating your guests to a cone bag of tasty sweets? The joy that springs from being gifted one stuffed with delicious goodies isn't determined by age, because sweet cone bags appeal to everyone. There's a wealth of colourful and fun bags for sale on eBay to suit all budgets.

What sweets can you put in a cone bag?

Cone bags offer flexibility because they can be filled with all types of treats. A younger child's party, for example, will require sweets targeted at their age group, but older children will want something more 'grown-up', while the real grown-ups may prefer adult-targeted sweets. If your event is retro-themed, however, they could delight in cone bags stuffed with classic sweets from their younger years.

Cone bags for every occasion

Clear cone bags are the most familiar, but they're not the only type available. There are bags designed to suit every event or celebration, in many colours and sizes, so you shouldn't have a problem finding the right one for you. As a guide, larger cone bags aimed at adults are approximately 18 x 37 cm, mid-range for older children tend to be around 16 x 30cm, and for younger guests, 16 x 22 cm is considered suitable. Design options for special days or moments include:

  • Birthday parties.
  • Engagements and weddings.
  • Special occasions, such as christenings and baby showers.
  • Religious festivals.
  • Charity events and fundraisers.
Can cone bags be used for anything else?

Yes. Cone bags can be loaded with Pot Pourri, party favours, seashells, or even small toys. The only limits are the bag's size and your imagination.

Cone bags for commercial use

Cone bags can be used to combine a variety of treats, giving customers more choice and offering a solution when they're struggling to choose between the sweets on sale. They're also flexible. Regularly changing the contents lets retailers offer variety and to discover their customer's preferences, which helps identify the right ingredients for 'classic mix' bags of the most popular sweets. Smaller retailers can use sweet cone bags to mix and match older stock, relaunching it to customers in new and exciting ways. The thickness of a cone bag is generally measured in microns, 30 is acceptable while 45 is considered close to the top of the range. They can be purchased from eBay in a choice of quantities, from 10 to 5000.