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SwissGear Laptop Backpacks

Renowned throughout the world for its quality and ingenuity, the same company that makes SwissGear laptop backpacks makes the Swiss army knife. So you can be sure you'll be purchasing something that meets the highest standards, as well as having been designed for practicality.

As befits a brand that is associated with the multiple functionality of the Swiss army knife, SwissGear laptop backpacks (or rucksacks) come with a host of useful features that mean they are so much more than simply a safe laptop carrying case.

Features of SwissGear laptop backpacks

Each of the laptop backpacks made by SwissGear features multiple pockets. You'll have a main pocket to store your laptop or netbook , which usually comes with a restraining strap to keep your portable computer strapped firmly in place while you're carrying it. This specific laptop pocket will also have an element of padding for added protection.

Each laptop backpack will have multiple zip pockets for other items as well as your laptop, allowing you to transport many other things at the same time. This is especially convenient if you wish to carry your laptop charging cable and other computer accessories such as a mouse. You will also be able to fit non computer related items within the SwissGear laptop bag , such as pens and notepads.

SwissGear branded laptop backpacks are designed to take a range of different sized laptops, with larger backpacks being available for the very largest 17 and 19 inch laptop machines, as well as smaller backpacks for standard sized laptops of 16 inches or less.

There are also SwissGear dustproof laptop backpacks that protect your computer from being damaged from too much dust intake.

About the SwissGear brand

SwissGear is a trademark product brand of the Wenger company. In 2005 the other Swiss army knife manufacturer, Victorinox, who continue to produce products using the SwissGear brand today, bought out Wenger.

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