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 T8 Aquarium Lighting and Hoods 

There are a wide variety of lighting options for your aquarium needs. T8 aquarium lighting is generally grouped into four categories that are based on technology advancements. 

Whether you have freshwater or marine fish in your tank will also influence your choice of light source.

Differences between bulbs, strips, light units and ballasts

  • Light bulbs – Standard output fluorescent lighting provides the easiest light source to illuminate an aquarium and is available in a choice of models and sizes.
  • Strip lights – The linear fluorescent aquarium bulbs create the ideal fish environment and stimulate plant growth
  • Light units – Compact light units make the perfect starter system for marine or freshwater aquariums
  • Ballasts – Available as single or double units, these lights have an easy-mount ballast housing that is suitable for rear cabinet mounting

The benefits of aquarium lighting

Good high efficiency lighting in an aquarium allows you to view the fish in their habitat. The primary light source also provides vital energy to the photosynthetic organisms like plants and anemones that live in the aquarium. 

Fish behaviour and their overall health and wellbeing, is also affected by the aquarium lighting.

  • Light bulbs – This effective light source is available in a range of colour variations and lengths, and allows you to customise your aquarium
  • Strip lights – Available in a spectrum of intensity, colour and sun and moon glo, strip lighting delivers a strong photosynthetic range of light for reduced fish stress
  • Light units – Quick starting and energy efficient, light units offer easy and flexible installation, and are available in single or double
  • Ballasts – Electronic ballasts are available in a range of lengths and can be wired for one or two lamps
  • Light Controllers – Compatible with light tubes, single unit light controllers are waterproof for increased safety
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