TL Audio for professional use

Using quality materials and handy features, TL Audio create high-end equipment that's perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike. You can produce music with an amazing feel with items from TL Audio, thanks to the expert design and years of experience in the industry. From equalisers to compressors, there's pro audio equipment for every music enthusiast right here on eBay. 

TL Audio preamps

Make sure that your microphone or pickup can be heard in great quality with a TL Audio preamp. These are must-have pieces of equipment for any music enthusiast as they convert weak signals into stronger ones before going to a speaker or amp. 

The TL Audio EQ1, a dual valve stereo equaliser, uses advanced hybrid valve technology. It can be used as a single mono 8 band or two four-band equalisers, giving you true adaptability. 

With a range of inputs, like 1/4 inch, XLR and AUX connections, you'll be able to connect almost any piece of musical equipment, from electric instruments to amplifiers. The EQ1 can be placed on a rack, only taking up two spaces so you have more space for other equipment. 

Or go for an Ivory Pa-5001 for something with added functionality. Each channel on this preamp has input and output level controls and LED lights that show performance levels. 

TL Audio signal processors and effects

Upgrade your professional or home studio with TL Audio audio processor and effects equipment. Go for a TL Audio C-2021 valve compressor that adds warmness to your music production. It's an easy to use unit that has a versatile range of applications, thanks to the adjustable input gain, gain make-up, ratio and threshold. 

Or, go for a 5052 two channel tube processor for the perfect piece of mixing and mastering equipment. It comes with a valve preamp stage with connections for a mic, line and instrument.