Improve your Reception with a TV Signal Booster

If your television picture is breaking up, or freezing, then it may be a sign of a weak signal. Also known as aerial amplifiers, TV signal boosters can help by amplifying the signal from the aerial before it reaches your TV. On eBay, you will find a wide selection of both new and used TV signal boosters at a range of prices to suit all budgets.

What are the signs of a weak TV signal?

Signs of a weak TV signal can include:

  • The picture freezing.
  • Clicking sounds.
  • Picture break-up or pixelation.
  • Sound dropping out.
  • Total loss of sound or picture.
What types of TV signal booster are available?

There are a number of different types of TV signal boosters or amplifiers available, each with a slightly different use. Some common types of TV signal booster include:

  • TV Distribution amplifier: Used to amplify and then split a TV signal from a single source so that it can be sent to a number of different TVs around the home.
  • Indoor Aerial Booster: Used inside the house to boost the signal between the aerial and the TV.
  • Masthead TV amplifier: Boosts the signal as it passes through the tv aerial. A masthead TV amplifier is usually fitted outside the property to either the base of the TV aerial mast or the wall of the property.
What features do TV signal boosters have?

Exact features will vary depending upon make and model, but some common features to look out for include:

  • Signal splitting: To send the amplified signal to more than one TV.
  • Boost a range of signals: Some signal boosters will also amplify FM and DAB radio.
  • Variable gain control: Allowing adjustment to fine-tune the quality of signal reception.
  • 4G Filtering: To remove 4G signals and reduce interference.
How do TV signal boosters work?

A TV signal booster uses electricity to capture and amplify the signal that is being picked up by your TV aerial before it is transferred to your TV. By increasing the power of the signal, and also filtering out unnecessary noise, the signal booster can help to improve your TV’s picture and sound quality as well as ensuring that you can access to all available channels.