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Connect Your Devices with an AV to AV Cable

Getting your digital devices connected to each other can often pose a challenge, so avoid the frustration of incompatibility with an AV to AV cable. You can find a wide range of new and used AV to AV cables on eBay.

What is the most common application for AV to AV cables?

AV cables are most often used as part of a home entertainment set up. These cables form the backbone of any system, and are responsible for transporting the video and audio signals between devices. The following types are the most commonly used:

  • RCA: Introduced in the 1940s, this AV cable can't carry an HD signal. With a three-output design the red cable is for the right hand audio channel, the white for the left, and the yellow carries the video signal.
  • VGA/DVI: The Video Graphics Array is typically used to allow video from a computer to a TV or monitor, while the Digital Video Interface is usually found on desktop PCs. Neither of these can carry sound.
  • Coaxial: This is used to link your modem to your internet services, as well as carry audio and video between your devices.
  • HDMI: A High Definition Multimedia Interface is now standard in all HDTV sets, Blu-ray players, and later model laptops and PCs. It carries HD video and audio between devices.
What does an AV to AV cable converter do?

Converter cables allow you to connect devices with incompatible output and input connection types to each other, making it possible to use different devices together. HDMI to VGA converter cables are very popular and can be used to convert an HDMI signal to a VGA signal, which allows users to connect their computers to digital televisions.

What should be kept in mind when choosing an AV to AV cable?

Choosing the right cable starts with identifying the ports on the devices that you wish to connect, the sheer amount of available connection types can make finding the right type a bit tricky. It is important to choose a cable that offers as little as possible interference or “noise” to maintain the signal quality, so choosing a cable with plated connectors is generally advised. For information on compatibility and installation, see the manufacturer site for details.

What is an AV to AV cable?

AV to AV cables are designed to connect audio-visual devices to each other. Some AV cables are designed to connect devices that use the same connection types, while others include the ability to convert the connection from one type to another.

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