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Relax and Enjoy Your Favourite Shows With a New Flat Screen Television

There is a great deal of innovation when it comes to TV screens, so knowing what you need can be difficult. You really do have a lot to think about – you will need to consider screen size and picture quality, as well as any smart features that you need. Whatever requirements you have, you’ll find the right TV screen here on eBay.

What size screen do you need?

Flat screens vary tremendously in size, from whopping 75" screens to a smaller 32" TV. To help you choose which is right for you, have a good look at the layout of your room, and think about which screens would fit into the space that you have allocated for your flat screen television. Also, think about where you will be sitting in relation to the TV. It is no good having a huge screen, for instance, if you are only sitting a short distance away from it. Likewise, a larger TV might work better if you are sitting some distance away.

What type of flat screen television should you choose for the best picture quality?

There are different types of flat screen televisions available, so make sure you choose the one that matches your entertainment preferences. Your choices include:

  • LED: An updated version of older LCD screens, the picture is lit by LED lights all over the screen.
  • Plasma: These screens are filled with gases that react when the TV is switched on, to really illuminate the pixels.
  • OLED: Colours and contrast are super sharp on this type of TV but the screens themselves remain comparatively expensive. They do not require a backlight and so can be made ultra-thin and curved.
What is a smart TV?

Most flat screen televisions these days have smart TV capabilities. Connecting your smart TV directly to the internet allows you to:

  • Access a wide range of apps, including social media or news apps.
  • Directly access streaming services through your TV.
  • Play games.
  • Access your music library through your TV.
What is 4K?

4K Ultra HD TVs offer superior picture quality to HD TVs because they have a higher resolution. With more and more 4K content becoming available on subscription services, it might be worth considering purchasing a 4K-ready TV.

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