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Takamine Electro Acoustic Guitars

Takamine are a Japanese manufacturer of guitars most well known for their steel string acoustics. Many of Takamine’s guitars feature built in preamps, making them electro acoustic guitars.

They were one of the first guitar manufacturers to present electro acoustic guitars and were one of the pioneering companies of the preamp-equalizer component we see on almost all modern electro acoustic guitars.

Unlike acoustic guitars, Takamine electro acoustic guitars can be plugged directly into an amplifier or speaker. 

Electro acoustic guitars are particularly well equipped for live performances where high levels of volume are required because of this. The direct signal can also be recorded making them ideal for recording without a microphone.

Electro-acoustic guitars produced by Takamine include:

G Series

  • Includes a range of models numbered G10 – G90
  • Higher numbered series’ feature higher quality construction materials, features and hardware
  • Different body shapes of guitar available – something for all styles of players
  • Also includes a number of models equipped with preamps in their classical guitar series
  •  G series Taka-Mini ¾ size electro acoustic guitars
  • Entry level models in the series are suitable for beginners and people looking for an affordable instrument
  • Mid and top range models ideal for performers, recording musicians and professionals

Pro Series

  • Includes a range of series’ numbered “Pro Series 1 –Pro Series 7”
  • High quality Japanese built instruments
  • All series are made up exclusively of electro acoustic guitars
  • Pro Series 1 – Pro series 3 models feature the CT4B II preamp system
  • Pro Series 4 – Pro Series 7 models feature the CTP3 Cooltube preamp system with 3 band EQ, chromatic tuner and auxiliary input
  • Quality, hardware, features and price increases the higher the series number
  • Different body types of guitar available
  • Appropriately high quality and specification guitars for professional/ touring/session musicians, virtuoso players and dedicated players that desire a high quality electro acoustic guitar