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Experience True Musical Fidelity with Tannoy Gold Speakers

Tannoy is renowned for its innovative Dual Concentric speaker that is capable of producing both bass and treble with a single point of origin. The speaker is unlike anything produced by other audio manufacturers and served to increase Tannoy’s dominance in the studio monitor marketplace. You can find Tannoy Gold Monitors on eBay at affordable prices.

What makes Tannoy monitor gold speakers so special?

Tannoy gold monitors feature a dual concentric speaker unit that is fitted with an external crossover. Dual concentric speakers are unique in design because they have a bass unit with a tweeter located in the centre. Tannoy gold monitor speakers are still considered by many to be the best speaker ever made. They are particularly popular with Jazz lovers who covet the open and transparent midrange that Tannoy gold speakers produce. Many Tannoy gold monitor speakers listed on eBay are sold in cabinets made by a third-party company. Don’t let that put you off; these cabinets are often superior to the standard Tannoy cabinets.

What is Tannoy's waveguide theory?

Tannoy’s waveguide theory was developed through a computer-assisted design platform that was configured to analyse microwave frequency waveguides through mathematical equations. Waveguide research resulted in several improvements to the tweeter unit used in newer dual concentric speakers.

How were Tannoy gold monitors developed?

Tannoy gold monitor dual concentric speakers were a design evolution of the earlier Tannoy red speakers. Gold monitors outperform reds in many areas, they offer improved bass performance with lower frequency response, and a heavier cone weight to achieve a lower resonant frequency. Gold monitor dual concentric speakers also have an updated tweeter design. Where red monitor tweeters used a pressed aluminium diaphragm, gold monitors were fitted with a compression-moulded tweeter diaphragm.

How can you identify different types of dual concentric speakers?

To identify a dual concentric unit, you need to look at the magnet cover on the back of the speaker. The units are colour coded as follows:

  • Monitor gold: Gold magnet cover with a grey speaker chassis.
  • Monitor red: Red magnet cover with a grey speaker chassis.
  • Monitor black: Black magnet cover with a black speaker chassis.
  • Monitor HPD: Cream magnet cover with a gold speaker chassis.
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