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Tap Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sinks with Taps

Kitchen sinks with taps allow you to choose a whole sink unit that fits in well the decor of your kitchen. Sinks with taps are available to suit all kinds of kitchens, from the functional to the fashionable, and everything in between.

Think About Your Sink

The first thing to consider when selecting a new sink is where it will be located. This will give you an idea of how much room you have and what style of sink you should be looking at. You should also consider whether you want a single or a double sink, with the latter giving you more than enough room.

It is important to think about how you use your sink, and whether you work left to right or right to left. Many styles of kitchen sink are reversible, which means you can put the taps on either edge and have the drainer where you want it. However, this is not true in all cases so make sure you choose the right way around for your way of use.

Match Your Materials

The next thing to consider is what material your sink is made from. For most kitchens, a simple stainless steel sink will suffice, but if you have invested in designer style you may want to think about a coloured acrylic or composite sink to match. Similarly, if you have chosen an old world Shaker style, then a ceramic sink, or even a large Belfast style model, may be more appropriate.

Top Tap Tips

There are as many styles of tap as there are of sinks, so again you need to think carefully. Most kitchen sinks have mixer taps, to give you the right temperature of water for washing your hands or washing dishes. While most kitchen sink taps will swivel for greater flexibility, you can choose to go one further and select a pull-out tap, which gives you even greater flexibility for rinsing salads, vegetables and dishes.

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