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Targus Laptop Cooling Pad

To prevent your laptop overheating, Targus laptop cooling pads come in sizes to fit most laptop brands. They are a great way to keep both the laptop and the person using it cool. As you can operate the laptop whilst the pad is in use, you can enjoy extended extended time on the computer, whether for personal or professional use.

What are the benefits of Targus laptop cooling pads?

The design of the cooling pad will help keep the laptop or netbook cooler. By not placing the laptop in direct contact with the person using it, they will remain more comfortable for longer.

Targus laptop cooling pads can be angled to create a better working or playing position for the person using the laptop. Rubber stops on the surface of the pad mean the laptop should be held in a steady position and not slip while being used.

Like laptops, the cooling pad is portable and can be used in the car, on a train or plane or anywhere else the person needs to use the machine.

Targus laptop cooling pad sizes

The size of the cooling pad you purchase will depend on the size of the laptop. Targus laptop cooling pads fit all sizes from 10 inches upwards.

How does the laptop stay cool?

Some Targus laptop cooling pads have built in fans, which will either be mains or USB powered. Some laptop fans can be noisy, so having a laptop cooling pad may mean quieter working or playing sessions for the person using the machine.

Some models are labelled as 'passive cooling' which means there won't be an electricity source. However, the way the pad has been designed will ensure the laptop stays cool by allowing air to flow underneath it during use.

Colours for Targus laptop cooling pads

Most cooling pads will come in black but it is possible to find items in other colours too. White laptop cooling pads are available, as well as blue, grey and silver. Other colours may also be available but will be harder to find.

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