Taylor Vector Bowls - Meeting Your Indoor Bowling Needs

Thomas Taylor is a recognised name in the manufacture of lawn bowls because the company was a pioneer in the sector. For over 200 years, Taylor Bowls has been providing quality products that deliver accuracy and precision. Vector VS is one of the 6 main lines of lawn bowls by the brand. Find the right Taylor Vector bowls on eBay for indoor use.

Is the bias the same on a medium- and heavy-weight Vector bowl?

The same bias runs in the heavy- and middle-weight bowls. Medium and heavy bowls have minimal differences but a medium-weight Taylor bowl rolls on further when playing on slow greens. Bowls have a narrow or wide bias, which will dictate how much green is necessary to return the wood to the centre line.

How is a Taylor Vector bowl different from the other models?

The Vector VS is designed for indoor use due to its narrow draw, which is only slightly more than that of the Taylor Lazer. You can play with Vector bowls on smooth, fast surfaces. This model doesn't have a hook on its end, and that makes it an appropriate choice for front end bowlers. Taylor makes the Vector VS bowls in a size range of 00 to 5. For weight classes, buyers have the option of medium, heavy, and extra heavy. However, the extra heavy doesn't come in size 5. The grips are available in plain and ProGrip, which is the patented dimple circular grip that is structured for all weather applications. See the manufacturer site for details.

Which characteristics determine the correct Taylor Vector bowl to get?

Even in the Vector VD model, buyers have several options from which to pick. To find suitable Taylor Vector bowls, consider:

  • Weight: Heavy and medium are the two standard weights, but the Taylor Vector model has an additional one. The right weight will depend on where you are playing and what feels comfortable. A bowl's weight determines how well it rolls and the turn it gets when finishing a draw.
  • Size: The correct size is a bowl that fits in your hand and rolls off the fingers. A bowl that is too big tends to slip. Pick a size that offers a good claw grip. With Vector bowls, you can choose from 00 to 5.
  • Testing and stamping: Competition bowls have to adhere to certain rules, which vary with the bowling association. Bowls have stamps that indicate the date of manufacturing and type of testing, among other things.
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