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Tear Drop Camera Viewfinders

A tear drop camera viewfinder is named so as it's a teardrop shaped piece of rubber that supports the eye while looking into a camera or camcorder . As this part of the camera supports the eye during daily use, it's more prone to wear and tear than other parts. Therefore, it is likely that you will need to replace it at some point. Luckily there are many different replacement viewfinders available. If your digital camera doesn't have a viewfinder, a full unit can be obtained to convert your LCD screen into one

Why a viewfinder is important?

A viewfinder not only supports the eye, but it prevents ambient light from entering the camera, allowing you to get a clearer idea of what the end image will look like. The teardrop shape fits to the shape of the eye for a comfortable fit when in place. In conditions where bright light is abundant, a viewfinder is a handy tool to filter it out.


Viewfinders rotate so if you're a left-eyed shooter you'll be able to manipulate the eyepiece, allowing you to achieve a comfortable fit. If you purchase an LCD viewfinder, it will usually come in a case so you can keep it separate from the main camera.


Check the diameter of the eyepiece of your particular make and model of camera and ensure that you purchase the correct one. Viewfinders work by self-locking so it will keep in place securely while in use. When purchasing an LCD viewfinder with a teardrop eyepiece, check the size of the screen to ensure a good fit.

Most camera manufacturers produce teardrop viewfinders as an additional accessory, designed specifically for your particular make and model of camera. There are some third party models also available, which will fit a range of different cameras. Look carefully at the specifications for compatibility before you buy.

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