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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Action Figures

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Action Figures make fantastic collectors' items for any fan of the iconic franchise, horror movies , or modern cinema. Texas Chainsaw Massacre models capture of the terror of the legendary Leatherface psychopath in fantastic gory detail. Texas Chainsaw Massacre action figures are almost entirely designed for collectors and as a result are very high quality models, often featuring numerous articulations, fine paint work, and high quality casting.

A number of major model makers have produced Texas Chainsaw Massacre lines. A selection of the more popular models are:

Classic Leatherface

Classic Leatherface was released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1974 release, this 8 inch figure features 25 points of articulation. The model is designed in keeping with the retro toy lines of the 1970s. Leatherface is wearing his button down shirt, necktie, jeans, boots, and apron. He comes complete with a chainsaw and mallet. The model is produced by NECA .

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Video Game Leatherface

This model is designed from the extremely rare 1983 side scrawler video game. Produced by the NECA, the model is 7 inches tall and features 25 points of articulation. The figure comes with a green vinyl apron and chainsaw accessory.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: Chop Top

Released in celebration of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Chop top is a high quality retro clothed action figure produced by NECA. Chop Top is Leatherface's sadistic brother from the 1986 classic film. The model is fully articulated and comes with a range of evil accessories based on film props including a wire hangar, razor, lighter, hammer, and removable afro wig and eighties glasses. The original packaging features custom artwork from illustrator Jason Edmiston.

Pop! Movies Leatherface

If you fancy a more fun action figure the Pop Movies Leatherface is a great alternative to collector's high quality scale models. Pop Leatherface features the classic Leatherface apron and mask, and he is carrying his chainsaw.

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