Add Style and Comfort to Your Treatments with a Therapy Chair

The furniture in your therapy room, particularly the chair that you use for beauty therapy treatments, will contribute to the kind of service delivered. Numerous options are available when selecting salon equipment, so buyers must pay close attention. eBay makes it easy to find a therapy chair that matches your needs whether its massage, styling, or facial care.

How is a massage chair different from a regular therapy chair?

Therapy chairs are designed for specific uses. A massage therapy chair is especially unique, and you must know how to identify one. These chairs have nodes and rollers that imitate the movement of the hands by targeting certain areas on the back of the user. The size of the nodes and rollers dictate the type of massage that they provide; smaller ones are point specific. Note that the movement of the nodes is preprogrammed into the chair, making it possible to adjust it according to requirements. The computer-assisted adjustability measures the height, width, and weight and makes the necessary adjustments.

Can you get a therapy chair with a removable headrest?

Yes, manufacturers have designed chair models that allow the headrest to come off. In some designs, you can remove the neck support as well. Removable headrests make it easier to adjust therapy chairs to the height of the user. You can also take off the headrest during cleaning or to replace it when it wears out. The mechanism on the chair determines ease of use. A headrest can have a quick release setting or Velcro.

What makes one beauty therapy chair more suitable than another?

Salon chairs are not all the same, meaning you must take the time to pick what works for you. Here are some things to consider that will help you to choose an appropriate therapy chair for your needs:

  • Load capacity: It may appear as if therapy chairs are one-size fits all, but they are not. You have to factor in the average weight of the users. One chair may comfortably hold over 100 kilos while another can easily buckle under such a load.
  • Design: The style of the chair will determine how much space it takes up. A good design must leave sufficient room for the professional to move around as required. Consider folding chairs when working with limited space. A therapy chair must also be ergonomic for comfortable sessions.
  • Style: A good salon chair must complement the image of the business. Consider the material, colour, and construction of the chair to ensure that it blends with the interior decor.