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Thomas Pink Men's Formal Shirts

All men are familiar with the necessity for wearing a shirt; sometimes it's every day for work, or when attending a formal gathering, or simply to make us look smart on a night out.

Thomas Pink men's formal shirts are something many men will be familiar with. They represent a link to the elegance and sophistication of Savile Row, as well as providing up to date designs, styles and colours for the modern man.

Whether you opt for a double cuff, single cuff or button cuff shirt from Thomas Pink, you know you'll be getting a quality garment that is built to look good and last you a long time.

Types of Thomas Pink men's formal shirts

Double cuff Thomas Pink formal shirts are the classic, very formal style of shirt that requires cufflinks to close the cuff. The double cuff allows you to look even smarter than normal, with a strong and elegant look and feel when the cuffs are fastened.

Single cuff shirts have a slightly less formal appearance and come in a variety of colours and designs to suit any formal occasion you are attending.

Thomas Pink button cuff shirts are the more everyday type of formal shirt that many people like to wear for work or other occasions when formality is key, but they don't wish to go to the bother of wearing cufflinks.

The Thomas Pink brand

Despite its associations with London's long established luxury tailoring profession, Thomas Pink actually started in the 1980s by three Irish brothers, and is now a part of the worldwide luxury goods business, LVMH who are based in France.

The name Thomas Pink was taken from a famous London tailor of the 1700s; a man made famous by the hunting coats he made for masters of foxhounds. Interestingly, the colour of these coats is still called 'pink' to this day, after Thomas Pink, despite them actually being a scarlet hue.

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