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Augment Your Car’s Luggage Space With Thule Car Roof Boxes

Thule car roof boxes are some of the most spacious, sturdily built, yet lightweight roof boxes. They come in handy when your car’s built-in boot space is not roomy enough to house all your stuff. You can find various Thule car roof boxes on eBay.

Why should you buy a Thule roof box?

If you are constantly worrying about your car’s boot not shutting on your luggage properly, or loading in all your stuff with not even an inch of luggage space to spare, consider a Thule box. Rather than asking passengers to place their bags on their laps, you can safely and securely store all luggage on the roof of your car. Thule roof boxes are large enough to fit prams or pushchairs, and can also accommodate bulky equipment relating to sports such as skiing, hockey, hiking, and mountain biking.

Noteworthy features of Thule car roof boxes

Thule makes a range of car roof boxes, so their products suit different budgets and requirements:

  • Thule’s roof boxes come in different sizes, usually in the eight to 21 cubic feet range. Check the manufacturer’s site for size details.
  • The roof boxes are designed to be aerodynamic so that the box does not create any drag and negatively affect the performance of your car.
  • These roof boxes are compatible with pretty much all factory crossbars.
  • The box stays virtually silent even when your car is moving at relatively high speeds.
Things to consider when buying Thule car roof boxes

Thule roof boxes are not built to standard specifications. Some would fit specific car models better than others. Consider the following when shopping.

  • If you like to store items that are long, such as golf bags or skis, make sure you get the box’s length right.
  • Longer boxes will fit awkwardly on smaller cars, such as hatchbacks. Look for shorter and wider roof boxes instead.
  • Make sure you get the capacity right. Extra room to spare is not always ideal as the items in the box could constantly move and may break or get damaged during transit.
What is the difference between Thule clamps and U-bolts?

While many other brand car roof boxes use U-bolts to fit onto your car, Thule roof boxes employ clamps with knobs. These clamps spin to lock, and are quite convenient, particularly when compared to bolting. The box’s bottom has a slide-friendly grip that can be easily moved front and back when not tightened down. This makes adjusting the box to fit it properly on the bars quite easy.

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