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ThunderCats Action Figures

ThunderCats achieved great success as an animated series, which began in 1985. It also returned to screens for a new series in 2011. ThunderCats are creatures that are like a cross between a cat, a humanoid and an alien. They fought to protect Third Earth and New Thundera, having been previously driven away from the old Thundera planet.

The show was packed with a multitude of innovative characters and races; this included good characters, such as the ThunderCats race themselves, and evil characters, such as Mumm-Ra and his cohorts. ThunderCats action figures are collectable toys based on the characters from the show, which come in a variety of different outfits and designs.

Good ThunderCats action figures

Many action figures have been created based on the show. Amongst the good characters to choose from are, for example, those from the ThunderCats race such as Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, WilyKat, Pumyra, Panthro and many others.

Evil ThunderCats action figures

Battles can be recreated between good and evil, as there are plenty of evil characters to choose from too. Amongst the evil action figure characters are baddies such as Monkian, Grune and, of course, Mumm-Ra. As with the good characters, there are plenty of other evil characters to choose from when choosing a ThunderCats action figure.

Vintage, original 80s items

Vintage ThunderCats action figures are highly sought after by collectors. The original toys were made by an American toy company called LJN, who produced a range of action figures for the first 1980s version of ThunderCats. These vintage toys can sometimes be found with their original ThunderCats packaging, which makes them all the more collectable.

Newer items

Other companies have, since the original 1980s series, made their own ThunderCats figures. These include such names as Bandai , Mattel and Mezco. These newer items are also great for collectors, but are suitable for other fans of the show too, to play with or display.

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