Get Your Agricultural Work Done With a Thwaites Dumper

Thwaites Dumpers history began in 1937 when they first introduced their line of agricultural equipment, and since then, they have found their way into many different industries and applications. A Thwaites dumper has a long service life, and it is easy to obtain parts for many different models. eBay has a huge assortment of Thwaites dumpers and parts at various different prices to suit your budget and to help you better accommodate your needs.

What engine does the Thwaites 300 have in it?

The Thwaites dumper engine in the 300kg micro dumper is a Honda GXV 160 4.3 BHP. It is a four-stroke engine that is air-cooled. It runs on petrol and has a 700mm wide belt-driven manual-shift transmission. It has four speeds and a reverse gear with two and four-wheel drive capabilities. This is one of the smaller Thwaites dumper models, and it is used for smaller jobs such as landscaping or site maintenance.

What are the PH1 and PH2 lister engines?

The PH1 and PH2 are quite similar. If you have an older model, the same Thwaites Dumper manual should work for both. You will need a different Thwaites Dumper wiring diagram, but they are many similarities in this regard too. Many of the parts are interchangeable between the PH1 and PH2 but the flywheel is heavier in the PH2, so compensation would have to be made for that. Some of the pins are different sizes and may accidentally slide out if the security of them is not checked carefully. They are similar, but it is advisable to try to avoid changing parts between the two if possible.

What sizes of Thwaites Dumpers are available?

The Thwaites All-drive 10 tonne front-tip power shuttle dumper is the biggest dumper made as of 2018. This model uses a Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 90kW/121 hp engine at 2,200 rpm. It is water-cooled, but an air-cooled turbo is also available. This is a heavy-duty machine that is suitable for massive applications such as mining. There is also the Thwaites 1-tonne dumper that is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the 10-tonne one. This wide range of dumper sizes can provide just the right size for a number of applications and situations from extremely large to smaller jobs. They have a line of dumpers including the following:

  • 9 tonne
  • 6 tonne
  • 4.5 tonne
  • 3.5 tonne
  • 1 tonne
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