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Triathlon and Time Trial Bikes

Triathlon and time trial bikes look very similar at first glance, as they both are streamlined road bikes with aero-bars designed for optimum speed and performance. Whether you are shopping for a key brand such as Planet X, Specialized or Cervelo, or want to simply upgrade a bike you have, when you are racing against the clock you can be sure that you will be able to find a bike specifically designed and engineered for its cycling task.

The faster a cyclist goes, the greater the drag and so triathlon and time trial bikes are designed to be aerodynamic to help minimise drag and make the rider as fast possible. Available with different sized frames and wheels, you can find men and women's bikes as well as unisex ones too.

It is possible to ride a time trial bike in a triathlon, but you may find the bike is more uncomfortable and not designed for the rigours of triathlon riding.

What to Look Out For

Time trial bikes are designed for ultimate speed and are therefore not built with comfort as the main priority. Triathlon bikes are better designed to handle distance often on hilly terrain, they are lighter and of course, are made to help the rider transition from cycling to running as swiftly and efficiently as possible. The angle of their seat tube is steeper than that of a time trial bike, to allow for a more relaxed position to help conserve the rider's strength for their run.

Time trial bikes must adhere to strict rules regarding the seat tube, which is intended to help a rider maximise the power from their legs. The bars on both triathlon and time trial bikes encourage riders to lean forward keeping their heads down and enabling the arms and body to narrow, which can shave off valuable seconds.

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