Toe Nail Clippers

Get a perfect pedicure with toenail clippers

The trusty toenail clipper is probably not something you give too much thought to in your daily life, but choosing the right one is important. 

Not only will a good quality set of toenail clippers ensure a clean cut for perfectly trimmed toenails, they are comfortable and easy to use too. Plus it doesnt matter if youre left- or right-handed. No matter what kind of toenail clipper you have in mind, browse the huge range available all in one place on eBay. 

Metal toenail clippers

Stainless steel toenail clippers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the beauty of them is in the quality of the cut. Sharp, easy to handle and ideal for particularly thick nails, each type of toenail clipper is designed to be strong, durable and simple to keep clean. 

If your toenails need something more heavy-duty, try some specialist Chiropody toenail clippers for great results every time. These professional clippers also assist with ingrown toenails, so you can get back to being comfortable in no time. 

Often slightly less expensive than stainless steel clippers, metal toenail clippers are still extremely hardwearing and efficient. Available in a variety of sizes, metal toenail clippers are ideal for your bathroom or to pop in your washbag when heading off on holiday. 

Metal toenail clippers also come in a variety of colours, from plain silver to eye-catching rainbow designs. 

Plastic toenail clippers

Plastic toenail clippers are usually made up of super-sharp stainless steel blades encased in toughened plastic. This plastic often has deep ridges at the ends where your fingertips are placed, offering enhanced grip and precision with no sliding around. 

Simply clean your clippers with an alcohol wipe after use to keep them perfectly hygienic. Ready to choose in a large range of colours and styles, theyre ideal for use on babies and young children too.