Soft touch toilet paper

Finding the right toilet paper can be trickier than it might at first seem. Different colours, designs, scents, strength and finishes can vary widely and influence which type of toilet roll offers the best value. The most widely available rolls are 2ply or 3ply, which have a soft finish, although for real luxury 4ply sheets are extra absorbent and strong. 

Once a preferred type of toilet roll has been found, it can be sensible to bulk buy to both keep costs down and to ensure that you never run out. Bulk packs can be found with anywhere from 12 rolls to 108 rolls. 

Andrex toilet paper is highly popular, offering a soft-touch feel. Velvet toilet paper is also pleasant and available in packs of 45. 

Scented and coloured options

Plain white toilet rolls are the most common type of toilet paper, but there's a market for scented and coloured toilet rolls as well. Scented rolls help to make the whole bathroom or WC smell lovely, with popular scents being floral tones like rose and lavender, or fresh scents like lemon or pine. 

To complete the sensory experience, or to complement a colour scheme, coloured toilet rolls can be desirable. Although most bathrooms look fine with white or cream paper, for a highly colourful bathroom something brighter like red, green or even black toilet roll to match your toilet roll holder can become a talking point. 

Novelty rolls

Popular at Christmas or for birthdays, novelty toilet rolls are a fun way to give a gift that really is useful. Messages declaring true love, sudoku games or pictures of high profile celebrities, like Donald Trump, all feature on toilet rolls. 

On a more practical level, soft wet wipe style flushable wipes are handy for anyone who wants to feel extra clean after they've been to the toilet. Moist wipes are also handy for toilet training children, or for family camping trips when it's harder to get access to full bathroom facilities.