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Toilet sensor night lights for a visible loo

Handy, versatile and excellent for families, toilet sensor night lights can either be plugged into the wall or attached to the toilet rim or lid of the toilet. Designed to light up when someone approaches, them they're great for ensuites too, where turning on the main light can mean disturbing your partner. Safe, durable and easy to keep clean, they're also perfect for younger children who may struggle to reach the main light switch. 

Plug-in night lights

Designed to come on every time you walk past, this type of night light is plugged into the wall of your bathroom or toilet so there's no worry about batteries. Perfect for anyone living with children or vulnerable adults, plug-in night lights are also great if you've just moved house or you've got guests staying who may not know their way around very well. Small and discrete, they're easy on the pocket too. 

Toilet seat night lights

These are designed so that the sensor sits on the outside of the toilet bowl whilst the long-lasting bright LED sits just inside the rim. So every time you or a member of your family walks up to the toilet or goes to sit down, the light will shine for up to two minutes. Not quite finished? Simply wave a hand back in front of the sensor and it'll come on again. Battery operated and easy to maintain, you can even choose the colour of your LED toilet night light each time, or even have different colours on rotation. 

Portable battery operated night lights

Running entirely on battery power and with no need to plug in, portable night lights are excellent for lighting up even the darkest of spaces. If you have a young child or elderly relative who finds it difficult to use the bathroom at night, then a great solution is to put some of these battery toilet night lights around the bathroom itself which come on as soon as they walk past them. 

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