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Topaz Emerald Fine Gemstone Earrings

Topaz emerald fine gemstone earrings add sophisticated elegance to complement any look. Wear during the daytime for a touch of sparkle, or in the evening for an understated accessory to complete your outfit.

Fine metals are vital when purchasing earrings as ears require high-quality materials that won't irritate the skin, especially with earrings that are going to get a lot of wear.

Qualities of topaz

Topaz comes in a variety of different cuts, colours and clarities but is most commonly known to have an icy blue appearance that adds a subtle touch of colour to clear gemstones. Pure topaz is colourless and throughout history, topaz was believed to be yellow.

It is the birthstone of November and has been said to calm tempers and eliminate nightmares. Because of this, topaz earrings are an ideal gift for loved ones with November birthdays.

Blue topaz rarely occurs naturally and so most blue topaz is formed by heating colourless topaz. It is most popular in an emerald cut as this perfectly showcases its colour, clarity and colour reflection.

Topaz fine earrings

Icy blue topaz perfectly pairs with sterling silver or white gold for a simple and elegant look that can pair with any outfit. Choose stud or drop earrings for understated beauty. An emerald cut gem perfectly showcases the colour and sparkle of the blue topaz.

A diamond trim or border can perfectly accent the colour of topaz, making its clarity and light-catching sparkle stand out. Topaz and diamonds perfectly compliment each other because of their subtle shades and stunning clarity.

For a more vintage look, topaz and gold can be paired together. If placed on a stud or gold background, the metal makes the topaz darker and moodier in appearance. To combine gold and topaz with the light and clear topaz, opt for a drop gemstone to allow the light to pass through.

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