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Toy Models are a great way to get creative and create your favourite model. Toy models are life-like recreations of popular vehicles, aircrafts, figures and animals, scaled down to various smaller sizes. These toys can be collectable items or just small projects for those that like to create.

Toy models can come in either plastic, wood and sometimes metal and the difficulty levels will vary from item to item. Often, toy models will also come with paint and decals so you can build your toy model and then finish it with your own personal touches.

Depending on the size requirements, you can find a variety of different scales for each model. The scale typically ranges from 1:24 to 1:72. The different types of toy models consist of aircrafts, cars, boats, ships, motorcycles, tanks, trucks, figures and animals.

Toy model cars vary by brand and by car model. The wide range of cars means that no matter what your favourite car model or type you will be able to find a toy model that fits your requirements. The different brands for model cars include of Airfix, Tamiya, Revell, AMT, Fujimi, Italeri and more. The main car models are Ford, Ferrari, Mini, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, BMM, Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar, Toyota and more.

Military aircraft models are also a popular choice, especially amongst war fans. You can find the specific model you need by opting from one of many brands and models available. The different brands are Eduard, Airfix, Tamiya, Revell, amongst others. The different model types are the Spitfire, Phantom, Hurricane, Mosquito, Tornado, Boeing, Mitsubishi, Lancaster and Jaguar.

For individuals interested in army and military machines, there is a lot to choose from. Tanks are a popular choice, with Dragon Models, Tamiya, Revell and other brands all offering a selection of tank toy models.