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Times can be tough in farming and with tractors being a key capital investment it's never been more important to take the time and make the effort to find the machine that is absolutely best suited for purpose. Discover reliable tractors from brands including Ford, David Brown and Massey Ferguson.

Types of Tractors

Tractors come in all shapes and sizes but generally fall into several categories. These are Standard Tractors for heavier field work, Row Crop and High Crop Tractors for cultivating crops in rows, smaller Utility Tractors and Garden Tractors that are low in power and price but ideal for smaller tasks, such as lawnmowing.

Go for a Ford 2600 Super for all of your grass cutting needs. This smaller model is ideal for smaller areas with less intense tasks. A Massey Ferguson 3120 is a powerhouse model, making quick work of most tasks on a farm. The David Brown Cropmaster is an essential medium-sized tractor that's perfect for using with crops.

Key Buying Considerations

Once the tractor type has been defined, there are a number of further factors to consider. First, think about horsepower and what size of tractor you'll need to get the job done. There's also PTO (Power Take Off) to consider which leads on to the implements the tractor will need to use at the front and rear. Tractors come with either two or four-wheel drive, letting you choose the perfect transmission setup for your needs. To help increase comfort, some tractors may come with air conditioning, vibration dampening and adjustable seats.

Classic, Vintage and Antique

It's surprising the number of older tractors that are still out there and working hard. Given the economy, and with a relatively low cost plus a readily available supply of spare parts, it's little wonder. There's plenty of choice for the tractor enthusiast, historian and hobbyist with a wide range of classic, vintage and antique tractors available either ready for restoration or already fully restored.

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