Enjoy Your Road Trip in a VW Transporter Camper

Since the start of production in 1950, when the concept of the VW Transporter was conceived, Transporter Campervans have been improving and developing their bodywork, engine efficiency and the comfort of the interior. You can search through a wide range of VW Transporter Camper Vans for sale on eBay, where numerous different models are available.

Are Transporter Camper Vans cost-efficient to own and operate?

Yes, in general. However, you might need to pay attention to the model of choice. For example, the T6 model benefits from Volkswagen’s Bluemotion Technology, which is designed to reduce fuel consumption. Moreover, the T6 transporter camper can also come with regenerative brakes that store energy lost during braking, and then uses it later to accelerate or start, thus burning less fuel to get going.

What are the premium features of the Transporter Camper range?

Depending on each specific model, Transporter Camper Vans come with different features. Some Transporter models offer perks, such as a 5-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, a heated windscreen, and an automatic driving light control, which is ideal for long drives. Other model-specific premium features include parking sensors, a digital radio, colour-coded bumpers, and a leather multifunction steering wheel. Check the manufacturer's site for exact details.

Different VW Transporter Camper models

There are 6 types of VW Transporter Campers that have been produced since 1950. Over the years, Transporter Campers have gradually become a favourite vehicle amongst camping enthusiasts. You can find the following models on eBay for sale, in various physical and mechanical conditions:

  • T1: In production from 1950 to 1967, the range included 7 different models coming in 7-seaters and 9-seaters versions.
  • T2: The upgrades in relation to T1 were larger engines, front brake discs, and new wheels with brake ventilation.
  • T3/T25: This range included larger and heavier models. These models include features, such as an air-conditioning, power steering, and heated windows.
  • T4: The T4 van was the first Volkswagen Transporter Camper to feature a water-cooled engine.
  • T5: VW Transporter T5 motorhome was launched in 2002 and it came in numerous variants and configurations, including Van, Minibus, Single-cab, Double-cab, Dropside, or Chassis Truck
  • T6: In comparison to T5, the 6th generation of Transporters includes changes to the light clusters, a larger rear window, a modified rear bumper, and a 15% reduction in fuel consumption.
Safety features of VW Transporter Camper Vans

VW Transporters are designed both for your comfort and safety. Some of the safety features Transporter Campers offer are Anti-Roll Protection, Front Assist, Rain Brake Support, Ready Alert Brake, trailer stabilisers, City Emergency Braking, and the Automatic Post Collision Braking system designed to slow the vehicle down automatically following the collision and thus reduce the risk of another crash.